ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection is an engineering company who specialise in non-invasive water leak investigation. Hidden leaks are a real nightmare for home and business owners who need to find and fix the problem before it causes serious damage to their assets.

The cost of a business water leak is often much higher than that of a domestic leak and can have a negative impact on operations, staff and stock. Adrian Morgan, who founded ADI Leak Detection, specialises in an innovative technique that can uncover even the most concealed underground leaks.

A buried pipeline can be monitored by using laser pulse detection, Distributed Temperature Sensing (DAS) or high quality thermographic methods. The DAS method involves a fiber-optic cable, which is installed along the length of the pipeline being monitored. Vibrations caused by a substance leaving the pipeline via a leak changes the reflection of the laser beam pulse and signals a leak.

The Benefits of Early Detection: ADI Leak Detection Case Studies

Pipeline leak detection systems help pipeline controllers identify and localize pipeline leaks. They are used to increase safety, efficiency and reliability of pipelines.

Thermographic leak detection uses a high quality camera to record thermal images of the pipeline surface. The thermal image is analyzed to determine the thermal temperature of the pipeline and to identify leaks.

E-RTTM – Extended Real-Time Transient Model is used to perform the detection in steady-state and transient conditions with high sensitivity and using statistical methods. Conclusion: Thermographic leak detection is typically performed in conjunction with other pipeline leak detection techniques to ensure all aspects of the leak are accounted for.

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