Antennas and WiFi Boosters For Motorhomes

motorhome wi fi

Whether you want to binge a show on a rainy afternoon at the motorhome wi fi , document your travel adventures on Instagram or get some work done, having stable and fast RV wifi is a must. Unfortunately, not all campgrounds are equipped with antennas, routers and access points capable of delivering a strong and reliable internet signal.

Cellular internet for motorhomes is one of the best options for those who need to stay connected when traveling in remote locations. You can purchase a mobile hotspot from the network provider of your choice and use their prepaid data plans. Cellular providers often offer a variety of plan options including unlimited data, DVD-quality streaming, and Hulu. They also include talk, text and international roaming in their plans.

Stay Connected On-the-Go: A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up WiFi in Your Motorhome

There are a number of WiFi boosters available for motorhomes that are designed to enhance and extend the coverage area of an existing WiFi router or signal amplifier. These devices are commonly known as a WiFi ranger, repeater or extender and can be purchased from a wide range of price points from $30 to upwards of $500. Directional antennas typically offer a more robust signal but can only be used in an environment where there is an unobstructed line of sight to the antenna mast.

Another option is to invest in a satellite WiFi system that can be mounted to the roof of your rig and offers high-speed, unlimited satelitte internet wherever you are. These systems are expensive but can be worth the investment for those who are always on the move and need a steady internet connection.

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