Body jewerly Wholesale – Why it’s Better to Leave the Sales to the Piercers

body jewerly wholesale

Body jewerly wholesale is a great way for body piercing businesses to offer clients a selection of jewelry to choose from. However, it’s important to understand that running a successful online store for body jewelry is not an easy task. Many companies have found that it is far better to leave this part of their business for piercers to handle. This allows them to focus on making jewelry that they know works well and will work for a piercer to use with their clients. Go here

The reason for this is that it can be very frustrating to deal with returns and complaints from clients who order the wrong size or have a problem with their new piece of jewelry. This can be time consuming and frustrating for the company and staff. Plus it creates a huge problem with the shipping and handling of the jewelry when it is returned. This is why it is best for these companies to simply allow piercers to sell their jewelry for them online.

Wholesale Body Jewelry for Different Body Piercings: A Comprehensive Guide”

Another big element is that body jewelry, due to the intimate nature of it can not be returned or exchanged. This is because of the bacteria that is present inside of a piercing when it has been worn. Even if it has only been worn for a short time. Reprocessing this jewelry safely is an enormous job and it’s just not healthy or safe to try to sell worn jewelry.

All of this is why so many body jewelry companies have opted to let piercers handle the sales portion of their business and only produce and make the jewelry for them. This has allowed them to focus on what they are good at and leave the rest up to piercers who have the experience and training to handle this in a responsible and helpful manner.

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