Can You Use Boric Acid on Your Period?

Can you use boric acid on your period? Boric acid is a natural antifungal that can help treat vaginal yeast infections. It’s used as a second-line treatment for infections that won’t respond to other antifungal medications, according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

It’s also a good natural solution for athlete’s foot. It kills fungi that cause the infection and prevents it from coming back, according to The University of Washington’s department of obstetrics and gynecology.

Yeast infections are caused by fungi such as Candida albicans or Candida glabrata. These fungi can irritate your vagina and cause itching, redness, discharge, and pain.

A boric acid suppository is safe to use during your period as long as you follow the directions on the bottle. However, you should not use a tampon during this time since it can absorb the medicine. Instead, use a menstrual pad or sanitary pads to keep the medication from staining your underwear.

How does it work?

Boric acid suppositories contain lactobacilli, the good bacteria that help maintain your body’s pH balance and rebalance the vaginal environment. They are an effective treatment for a variety of symptoms caused by vaginal yeast infections, including itching, burning sensation, painful urination, and foul odor.

What should I do if I experience any side effects?

If you notice any changes in your menstrual cycle, you should seek medical attention immediately. Your doctor may prescribe another medicine or recommend a different product.

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