Custom Defender Review

Vintage 4X4s have their moment in the sun right now. The ecd automotive design Defenders that Land Rover imported between 1993 and 1997, two-door 90 and four-door 110 models, are highly sought-after collectibles.

Is the Defender a smooth ride?

These NAS vehicles have the sexy appeal of a stripped-down classic pickup truck, and the off-road chops of an SUV. They’re hard to find, and the prices can reach well over $100,000.

Custom Defender is the result of a collaboration between Orlando’s Safari HP and an English-based company that does frame-up cumplete custom rebuilds. It’s also a bespoke option that can feature American V8 power and, for example, an electric motor.

It’s all done with the same commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail that you’d expect from a high-end automotive custom shop. The exterior is rugged, the cabin is practical, and everything’s made to feel like a modern Land Rover – even the tires are off-road tread.

What’s more, the resurrected Defender has better on-road manners than many luxury SUVs. It’s a workhorse, but it’s also a pleasure to drive.


The dashboard and doors are designed to look tough, with a gear selector that sticks up to meet your hand, exposed screw heads, and “DEFENDER” emblazoned across the passenger side. The cabin also has easy-to-wash rubber floormats.


The engine’s instant torque makes it an absolute joy to accelerate from 0-60, and E.C.D. claims that it can do it in 5.5 seconds, about as quick as a Porsche Panamera. The regenerative braking is also very well tuned, slowing the truck down without a hint of jerkiness.

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