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The enchanting patterns on the Greengate porcelain series evoke the harmonized, quiet lifestyle of Denmark. The Scandinavian design label has something magic in store for every home: wonderful trendsetters for dining and drinking, decorative living items like quilts and cushions, and imaginative products for the garden or the house.

Latte cups and mugs from the Serie Mary White let each coffeetafel erstrahlen, as they make us think of an erwachenden Fruhling. The delicately colored flowers on the tellers from the Serie Meryl likewise create a feeling of serenity and well-being. And the Scandinavian designers are always finding new and exciting ways to bring these patterns into your home.

GreenGate for Kids: Adorable and Safe Children’s Products

At Greengate, you can easily mix and match cups, mugs, and teacups from different series. Or you can combine plates, jugs, and bowls to make your own set of tableware. Whether you want to add a subtle touch of elegance or if you prefer an informal, cozy look, the countless designs will allow you to create a personal and unique dining experience for your guests.

The basis for every design from the Danish Greengate designer Mona and Jesper is a book filled with old prints, which they browse through to select the patterns that best suit the trend of each season. These are then elaborated and adapted to the individual pieces so that the whole works harmoniously.

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