How Much Does a Flipper Tooth Cost?

If you are missing a tooth and looking for an affordable solution, a flipper tooth may be the right choice for you. The cost of this temporary tooth replacement is usually a fraction of the overall cost of dental implants or partial dentures, which can last you for years.

What can’t I eat with dentures?

When you’re ready to start using a flipper tooth cost, you can get it made by your dentist in a day or two. They are designed to match your gums as closely as possible and will provide stability for your other teeth.

They prevent the rest of your teeth from shifting into the gap created by the missing tooth, which helps improve your smile and appearance. They are also supportive and can make it easier for you to eat.

The flipper is generally made of acrylic material and is designed to fit snugly over your remaining teeth. It may also clip onto adjacent teeth for additional stability.

This type of partial is usually fabricated before the tooth is removed so it can replace the extracted tooth immediately. It is also used as a pre-treatment for a permanent prosthetic option such as dental implant or bridge.

A flipper tooth can help you maintain your oral health by preventing bacteria from getting into the gaps between your teeth. It can also decrease the risk of tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, gum recession and discomfort. You should regularly visit your dentist for cleanings and checkups to keep your flipper teeth clean and healthy.

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