How to Apply an Epoxy Flake Floor

An epoxy flake floor is a great choice for high traffic areas like garages, basements and commercial spaces. It is known for its durability and slip resistance. It is easy to clean and can hide dust, sawdust, stains, grease and oil. The colors available are endless and can compliment the look of any space. There are also a few different types of flakes that work best under certain conditions.

Why is my epoxy floor flaking?

The first step is to properly prepare the concrete surface for the Statewide epoxy floor coating. This is a crucial step to ensure the finished product will look good and last as long as possible. Grinding the concrete is only part of the preparation, there are many other things that need to be done for the best results.

Once the base coat is poured and dry it’s time to apply the color flakes. They should be broadcast over the entire floor until failure (the flakes no longer stick to the epoxy). This can be done manually by walking on the wet surface with spike shoes and throwing the flakes in a “chicken feeding” motion, or using a hopper blower gun to evenly spread the flakes.

If you choose to use a hopper gun we recommend doing one foot sections at a time and visual inspecting each section before moving on to the next. This will help avoid overlapping flakes that can cause high points in the finished product. Once the full broadcast of flakes is applied they should be allowed to cure overnight before vacuuming and sweeping up any flakes that have not bonded with the epoxy.

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