How to Perform an Email Spam Test

An email spam test is a great way to get the most out of your email campaigns. It can show you if your emails will make it to their intended recipients and whether you need to improve your content, coding, or infrastructure.

How can I check if an email is spam?

There are several methods to do this. The most popular method is to perform a seed test. A seed list is a collection of real-world email addresses used to test how your email would perform if sent to actual subscribers.

Another method is to use a spam checker. These tools are great for identifying low-quality URLs in your content, and can help you avoid being caught up in spam traps.

Litmus Plus is a good option for this. The company offers a 7-day trial of its Spam Testing, Email Analytics, and Email Previews. You can then test your spam credentials, track your bounce rates, and access your recent spam tests.

GlockApps is another good choice. You can try a free trial or buy a monthly or annual plan. They offer a more in-depth solution with Bounce Monitor, an analytics tool that tracks and analyzes bounced messages.

Performing a spam test is important, especially if you want to keep your campaigns alive. Using a spam checker can alert you to issues that can lead to a lower open rate. Getting a good score can mean the difference between a potential customer opening your email and marking it as spam.

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