Sigma Cyber Security – Professional Cyber Security Services

Sigma Cyber Security: Professional Cyber Security Services

The threat landscape has changed and traditional firewalls & anti-malware protection are no longer enough. Attackers can gain privileged access and steal data or even destroy your business’s critical systems to cause incalculable damage and revenue loss. Whether you need a full range of managed services or expert assistance to review your current configuration and make recommendations, Sigma can help. This link:

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed: Sigma’s Trusted Cyber Security Expertise

Sigma rules offer a clear and structured format that allows cybersecurity teams to share detections in an agnostic way. The format supports basic search queries and a few common correlations (eg. sum/count), covering more than 90% of day-to-day detection needs. The rules also provide version control of detections and the ability to be deployed straight from GitHub, Gitlab, or your CI/CD pipeline into any SIEM environment. This gives teams more flexibility to evolve their technology stack, avoid vendor lock-in, or mature their proactive security monitoring with new detections.

Sigma has already been used successfully to detect various types of threats, from the NotPetya ransomware activity to extracting TTP-based behaviors for threat actor attribution. In a recent incident, SOC Prime assisted clients with identifying the source of their attack by leveraging Sigma rules alongside their SIEM-native content and tagging them against MITRE ATT&CK.

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