Stylish Shopping With a Swipe

Stylish Shopping with a Swipe

Shoeby is the shoeby best brand that believes fashion is for everyone. The Dutch brand combines personal attention & styling, high kwaliteit en een betaalbare prijs to create a trendy, inspiring and accessible collection for women, men and kids. With more than 250 inspirationrende winkels in Nederland, the style brand is a well-known name that carries out its mission in a fun way.

Since Shoeby switched to the NewStore app, they’ve experienced amazing results: conversion rates tripled and their app customers are giving it 4 and 5-star ratings. In addition, their mobile e-commerce business is growing rapidly.

Shoeby: Where Fashion Meets Comfort

In order to help them keep their personalised product selections sharp, Shoeby asked m-wise for a solution. We developed a Best Buy Next campaign for Shoeby to match a client’s specific shopping habits with a personalized product set. The campaign matches the most relevant products to a client’s buying behavior, so that they receive a selection of items that meet their priorities and interests.

The Shoeby app is your one-way ticket to a stylish wardrobe. It lets you shop for kleding, accessoires and schoenen 24/7 with a swipe of your smartphone. You can even save your points, badges and purchase history in one overview.

Shoeby’s animal rating is ‘Not Good’, as it uses leather, down and exotic animal hair. It does have a formal animal welfare policy aligned with Five Freedoms and it does a limited amount of traceability and audits of its supply chain.

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