The CAIB Program


The CAIB program consists of four courses that culminate in a national exam. Students successfully completing the program receive a nationally recognized professional designation and are ready to serve their clients with confidence and expertise.

How many levels are there in Caib?

The program is available on-line in a self-directed format where you immerse yourself with online learning materials and study at your own pace until you feel ready to challenge the exam. IBANS will offer interactive webinar opportunities for those who wish to complete their Caib modules on-line.

CAIB 1 introduces you to general insurance by capturing the ins and outs of habitational coverages as well as personal liability, farming, personal auto, travel and speciality products. CAIB 2 expands on the general knowledge you’ve gained by exploring commercial property, crime, CGL and specialty commercial products. And finally, CAIB 3 ties everything together by covering the Canadian legal system as it applies to general commercial insurance.

CAIB has worked hard to make a difference at this base by strengthening force readiness, promoting the perception of the Air Force as a positive lifestyle and assisting families in their ability to function and thrive within the culture of the Air Force community. One of the working arms of CAIB is the Integrated Delivery System, which addresses your concerns at the major command and installation levels through programs like the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Chapel, Sexual Assault Response Coordination Office and others.

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