Vape Detector Amazon Review

Vape Detector Amazon

Vape detector amazon are often used in schools to encourage students and staff to avoid smoking e-cigarettes. They are also useful for long-term rental properties, where smoking bans may not be followed by tenants. They can alert owners to the presence of smoke odors that could go unnoticed by regular ionization smoke alarms, which only detect rapid-burning fires.

The first step to using a vape detector is to record the PM2.5 value in a room where there is no known use of e-cigarettes (or other vapor). This will serve as your clean baseline and provide an opportunity to compare readings when you enter a suspected vaping room/location. If the readings drastically rise you can be confident that someone has been smoking a vapor device in that room.

Where to Find Vape Detectors: A Look at Amazon’s Selection

I found this model to be one of the least expensive vape detectors on the market and it performed well in my tests. However, it has a few limitations that should be considered. For one, there is no on-device screen to display your air quality results, which is a feature that is available on most of the competition. The only way to see your results is via an Echo Show or the app, which can be a hassle if you’re not near your device. Additionally, it takes seven minutes to calibrate and can take up to two days to adjust to your environment. These factors make the X-Sense SC01 less suitable for home use.

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