What is a Free Monroney Sticker?

A free monroney sticker is a document that provides buyers with important information about vehicles. It is designed to be affixed to the vehicle window and displays the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the car, plus any dealer-installed options and destination charge. The sticker also lists the car’s fuel economy, crash test results, and emissions testing data. The document also includes the warranty coverage on the vehicle. The document is available online and can be printed out for use by car dealers.

Explore Your Car’s Past: Find Window Sticker by VIN

Before the introduction of the Monroney sticker, car buyers relied on salespersons to provide them with details about a new vehicle. This was not always an accurate process. Dealerships may have been motivated to overstate a car’s features or pricing to maximize sales and profits. Monroney stickers have made the car-buying process much more transparent and have increased buyer confidence.

Each sticker contains the make and model of the car, as well as its color and engine type. The document also shows the car’s EPA-estimated city, highway, and combined miles per gallon. It also identifies the EPA’s gas guzzler tax, which is levied on cars that don’t meet high fuel economy standards.

The next section of the document lists all the standard equipment included with that model. It also explains any additional packages or upgrades that are available for the car and their added cost. Depending on the vehicle, it might also list a dealer-installed equipment cost adjustment or other fees.

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