What is a Multi Use Games Area?

Multi Use Games Area

Multi Use Games Area is a dedicated sports surface designed to support a range of different sports. They are popular in schools and leisure centres, especially in areas with limited space where a single sports court would not be suitable. MUGAs can be constructed with either an artificial grass, polymeric or macadam surface and are typically free draining to help minimise the impact of water run off during rainfall and to prevent flooding in poor weather conditions.

MUGAs have a variety of markings to allow for many different sporting activities to take place on the same area. This helps to combat the potential boredom that can be caused when children in school playgrounds only have one game to play, as well as making it easy for after school sports clubs to run a range of different sporting activities on site.

Outdoor Games Areas: Where Fun and Fitness Collide

Teenagers particularly benefit from having a safe meeting point to socialise with friends and compete against each other in friendly, healthy match ups. This helps them to develop their interpersonal skills and to cope with the ups and downs of friendships that are an integral part of growing up.

The most important thing to remember is that a MUGA needs to be designed and installed to suit its intended purpose. It must be constructed to a high standard in order to meet its functional requirements and to ensure that it will last for many years to come.

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