What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine

417 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE is an evolution of healthcare that emphasizes prevention and wellness, rather than disease management. Its foundation is a deeper understanding of the role that gene/epigenetics and environment play in long-term health and complex, chronic diseases. It takes a patient-centered approach to healthcare, and engages both the patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.

The goal is to get to the root cause of your symptoms, allowing you to achieve true health. Practitioners take a 360deg view of your health, looking at your genetic makeup, medical history and current environment and lifestyle. Using specific laboratory testing, they identify the key drivers that impact your overall wellness and your ability to thrive. These factors include nutrition, stress, hormone imbalances and environmental toxins. Often, symptoms that seem unrelated make more sense when they are looked at from this perspective.

Functional Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine: Understanding the Key Differences

Many of the practitioners who practice functional medicine are people who have been frustrated by their own health struggles and by conventional healthcare practices that don’t give them the answers they need. They’re drawn to this model because it allows them to do the work they love, helping patients find solutions that will restore their vitality.

A Functional Medicine practitioner will ask you to provide a blood sample, urine and saliva samples and maybe a stool test for an in-depth look at what’s going on at the cellular level. They may also run DNA tests or use existing ones to help them understand what’s driving your physiology.

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