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buy oolong tea

Buying buy oolong tea  is an easy and convenient way to get your hands on high quality loose leaf oolong tea from around the world. Our oolong teas, also known as wulong, are handcrafted by artisan farmers and direct-traded to ensure exceptional taste, value, and purity. Shop our collection of oolong teas ranging from green to dark, floral to roasted with many flavors in between.

The oolong tea plant thrives in the mountains of China and Taiwan where each region’s tea leaves have a unique look and flavor. Because oolong tea is not as oxidized as black tea or as unoxidized as green tea, the tea leaves can be shaped and roasted in different ways, resulting in a broad spectrum of flavors from floral to smoky to roasty and everything in between.

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To make oolong tea, the tea leaves are rolled and twisted to give them shape and then oxidized to create their signature color, often with additional steps of rolling, twisting, and oxidation repeated multiple times. Once the oolong leaves have their desired shape and appearance, they are heat-treated to preserve them for storage and sale.

The oolong leaves are then sorted by their shape and color, based on their intended flavor profile. The oolong teas in our collection range from the light, floral, and green of Anxi’s famous Tieguanyin to the intense rocky flavour of Wuyi mountain’s Dahongpao. Many oolongs are designed to be steeped and enjoyed multiple times, each steeping adding layers to the tea’s unique and complex flavors.

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